Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tags, tags, and more tags

I'm here to share three more of the My Self Imposed Summer Tag Challenge.

I cannot for the life of my find the inspiration for this first one.  I know I didn't come up with it myself because I clearly remember trying to duplicate the blue background with the embossed stamping.  If the original was yours, please let me know!

The second tag was inspired by the lovely and very very talented France Papillon.  Her tag was made from a napkin that she glued as a background.  I loved the colour blocking, but obviously didn't have the napkin, so I attempted to recreate the same effect with distress markers.

Here is the napkin tag:

and here is mine:
It was really fun to use markers and water brushes to try to get the same shadowing and colour variations.

The third tag was inspired by one that I found on Pinterest, from this blog.  I liked the industrialness (I'm sure I just made up that word) of the design.

Stay tuned for more on my summer challenge tags!

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