Saturday, September 13, 2014

A procrastination post!

I am utterly, completely, 100%ly procrastinating from finishing an assignment for my Masters course I am taking this term.  Financial Mathematics - although it is quite interesting (no, really, it is!), I am just not feeling annuities right now.

I'm going to share the mini-album I made for my oldest niece's 5th birthday back in June.  Each year all of my nieces and nephew receive a mini-album chronicaling their last year with their birthday present .  I had wanted to make an explosion box for awhile, and for some unknown reason this paper called for it.

Here is the outside of the box:

I was worried about the paper curly-Qs getting squished in the mail, but they arrived in perfect condition!

On the inside in the middle, I put a vertical piece of cardboard with a photo on each side:

My niece is a real girly girl (she would wear dresses every single day given the choice), so I wanted to use flowers, glitter glue, etc.

Here is my favourite page: Her and her baby sister.  The bows were just too cute not to add.

Although the picture is not great, this is my favourite one.  It shows her cute side.  Those are raspberries on her fingers! :)

Here are some of the other pages:

If you have ever made an explosion box, I'd love to see pics!

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