Monday, October 13, 2014

Cinco Layouts

Hello faithful reader!

I know I have been sort of MIA lately.  Life…work, other work, university, household responsibilities, etc.  I was in Indianapolis last week presenting a 3 day workshop to other IB Math teachers.  I LOVE this part of my job, but I am still playing catch up.  It is nice to have today off to get through my to-do list!
One of the things on my list was to get outside and take better pics of the layouts from Bella's album I made this summer.  I needed a really sunny day to get the colours to pop and the details to be noticeable. The weather cooperated today!  And so, I will treat you to 5 of the layouts today to make up for my absence!

I love the colours in this first layout.  It's Teresa Collins paper, which is so thick and feels so good to work with.

Sorry for the shadow of the binder rings on this one.  This is why I will never be a professional photographer! This layout was just made from scraps and odd papers I had in my stash. I like the minimalism.

This one came from some paper that my Peep gifted me.  I like the horizontal strips of paper and the wash tape on the right hand side.

This one I sat on for weeks, half done.  I couldn't figure out what it needed.  I finally added the yellow ribbon on the top left and it made a nice yellow visual triangle.

This layout is one of my favourites!  It is very outside-my-box-comfort-level.  I'm used to more linear and clean but have always admired those who are gifted in just placing things willy-nilly.  This is a total copy of someone else's layout that I cannot find anymore.  if it's yours, let me know!!

Can you notice a difference in my photographs??

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